Advice for freeholders and leaseholders

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Gallions freeholders

Some freeholders in Thamesmead pay towards Gallions' estate management service charges.These freeholders have a covenant (formal agreement) in the legal documents for their home that states they can be asked to contribute to estate management service charges which cover costs for works including but not limited to landscaping, canal and lake cleaning, removing graffiti, lighting, cleansing in areas owned and managed by Gallions.

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Please note: if you are a freeholder and would like to sell your home you must let us know so we can ensure that the covenant is transferred to the new owner.

Gallions homeowner publications

Gallions leaseholders

A leaseholder owns everything within their property but the landlord (or freeholder) owns the structure of the building and is responsible for maintenance and repairs within it.

Your lease is a legal document that sets out the responsibilities of us as your landlord and you as the leaseholder. Leases are different and include varied information about how the property can be used. If you are unsure about the terms of your lease please

Service charges and ground rent
Service charges cover the costs of maintaining and repairing the building in which you live, cleaning in communal areas, gardening and other services. Ground rent is the fee paid for land that is leased for building. These costs will vary according to your lease. Service charges are likely to change each year but ground rent payments change less often. The service charges will be explained in your lease and an estimate of the annual service charges payable will be provided once you decide to buy the property.

Each April you will receive an estimate of the service charges for the next year. The charges will be based on how much the services cost the previous year, plus inflation. At the end of the financial year you will receive a final statement that shows how much was spent on the building. If the costs were higher than estimated you will need to pay further charges. If the costs were lower we will credit your account.

Leaseholder responsibilities
For details about leasholder responsibilities please read our Homeowners Handbook (pdf 1mb). There is also a summary below.

Gallions leaseholders should:

  • Pay ground rent and service charges on time
  • Pay all other taxes and charges on the property (including council tax and utility bills)
  • Keep the inside of the property in good order and carry out internal repairs and maintenance
  • Take out contents insurance for your home
  • Allow Gallions or contractors access to carry out work
  • Behave in a neighbourly manner
  • Get our written permission before you carry out major alterations
  • Advise us in writing if you sub-let the property or take in a lodger
  • Provide us with an address where we can contact you if you do sub-let
  • Keep to the conditions of the lease

Gallions Housing Association will:

  • Maintain and repair your building
  • Manage the communal areas in the building
  • Consult with you about works that will cost more than £250 per home
  • Tell you if we aim to work with a contractor for 12 months or more and the costs for work will be more than £100 per leaseholder per year
  • Collect contributions from all leaseholders
  • Keep accounts
  • Insure the building