Gallions aerial view

What it's like to work for us

Neighbourhood Services Officer: Davinder Bal

He re-joined Gallions Housing Association in October 2012. Prior to this he worked for the organisation from July 2006 to April 2010.

Davinder Baul

"I manage over 1500 properties which are mostly located within South Thamesmead.

"My role requires me to deliver a responsive customer-focused housing service to all residents regardless of tenure and support needs.

"I investigate cases of antisocial behaviour and take appropriate action when required, carry out regular estate inspections and engaging with residents whilst reporting any repairs and making recommendations for improvements, attend resident and community group meetings, review outstanding gas safety inspections... the list is endless!!

What has it been like working there. Is there anything you’ve particularly enjoyed?

Working at Gallions has been an enjoyable yet challenging experience. No two days are ever the same. The organisation has a fun and friendly group of individuals who are focussed and determined to deliver results within a team orientated environment.

What would you tell someone who is considering working for the Peabody Group?

The organisation is driven to provide high-quality affordable homes to its residents whilst making an impact within its communities. Now if this was a L’Oreal advertisement I would say that this is worth it.

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Neighbourhood Warden: Christopher Waite

He has worked at Gallions for 21 years

Davinder BaulMy role at Gallions involves patrolling estates and the use of CCTV tenancy fraud checks and investigations. We also work with police on joint patrols and I attend properties that are causing antisocial behaviour. In addition, I enforce gas safety checks to make sure they are carried out on time.

What has it been like working here. Is there anything you’ve particularly enjoyed?

My favourite task is the Warden Tours that I do once a month for new starters to the Peabody Group and I give an insight into the history of Thamesmead old and new.

I joined in 1993 when Gallions was known as Thamesmead Town as a security dog handler and would patrol the estates on foot and in vehicles. When the security disbanded in 1998 I joined Team Gallions as an Environmental Operative and was made supervisor on the cleaning teams. I had a great time working with all the Team Gallions members and see them all as lifelong friends.

In 2006 an opportunity arose for a place on the Neighbourhood Warden Service which I took and am still enjoying being part of a great team to this day.

What would you tell someone who is considering working for the Peabody Group?

Every day is different working here and I love working outdoors and helping residents with their everyday problems.